Salt mines, Moray, Sacred Valley tour, 1 day: Chinchero, Salt mines of Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo, and Pisac.-

Salt mines, Moray, Sacred Valley tour, 1 day price:

1) Group service (van of 20 seats): US$ 16 or 60 soles each person. Which is about a tour guide, and transport.

2) Group service (van of 20 seats): US$ 25 or 90 soles. Which is about a tour guide, transport, and a buffet lunch.

3) Private service (private transport): 

– US$ 140 each person. Which is about a tour guide, transport, and a buffet lunch.

– US$ 80 each person from 2 to 3 people. Which is about a tour guide, transport, and a buffet lunch.

– US 60 each person from 4 to 6 people. Which is about a tour guide, transport, and a buffet lunch (email us for a bigger group).

Availability: Every day, you can book even 2 hours earlier of departure time (much faster via WhatsApp).

How to pay it? We will collect the payment in the morning of your departure date.

A tour by van to sight the most important Inca sites along the Sacred Valley like Chinchero, the Salt mines of Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo, and Pisac. Also all its beautiful mountains, glaciers, farming areas, local houses, etc

Salt mines, Moray, Sacred Valley tour, 1 day itinerary:

You willl be pick up from your accommodation at 6:40 am, the van leaves at 7:00 am from Cusco downtown driving for an hour along the very highlands of Cusco province to the first Inca site of Chinchero.

1.- Chinchero: You will first walk through Chinchero town comprised of Spanish style housing, also Inca streets, stone walls, and acueducts to keep walking into the remains of Chinchero Inca site to walk by the Spanish church built on top of the Inca temple, gigantic stone walls fitted together, also farming terraces.

Chinchero, a catholic church built on inca walls.

2.- Salt mines of Maras: Next is driving an hour to the salt mines comprised of 3000 “dirt pits” are exploited since pre-inca time.

There are “dirt acueducts” to run salty water which emanates from the nearby mountain to fill up every “dirt pit” so this salty water is just evaporated by sunshine for 10 days to get “solid salt” of different qualities used mainly for medicinal purposes, also for domestic animals by locals.

Salt mines of Maras, a natural "salty spring" pouring of the nearby mountain.
Salt mines

3.- Moray: 20 more minutes driving away is located Moray, an Inca site comprised of 3 group of terraces used as “farming laboratory” to acclimatize, and improve andean crops. These terraces were built taking advantage of the natural depressions.

Moray, a group,of terraces to acclimatize crops at Inca time.

4.- Ollantaytambo: After visiting Moray the van goes down  to the Sacred Valley for 2 hours driving also to Urubamba town for lunch.

After lunch, it takes 45 minutes driving to Ollantaytambo town actually “the second living Inca town, the first would be Cusco downtown” where you can see original Inca acueducts, stone walls, etc. mixed of Spanish housing to continue to Ollantaytambo religious area comprised of farming terraces, store houses, and a unique Sun temple of 6 gigantic granite stones brought from the Inca quarry of Cachiccata located at the other side of the valley. Just another beautiful landscape! 

Ollantayambo, an impressive gigantic inca stones fitted together.

5.- Pisac: After visiting Ollantaytambo, it takes 2 more hours driving  to Pisac site along the Sacred Valley where the biggest grain of corn in the world is cultivated, also along the Urubamba river which even flows by Machu Picchu area to the Amazon river,  this Inca site located on the slope of the mountain comprised of rustic stone housing at the upper part, water fountains at the bottom, and unique farming terraces along the mountain. What a beautiful landscape!

Afterwards 20 minutes driving down to Pisac town founded by the Spanish where you will visit a handicraft market, a gold and silver jewelry, so an hour more back to Cusco city arriving at 7:00 pm.

Pisac, terreaces built on the slope of the mountains, inca housing.

What do you need to take with you?

– 70 soles (US$ 19) for the partial tourist ticket of only 2 days pass allowing you visiting PisacOllantaytamboChinchero and Moray.

– Otherwise you can buy the whole tourist ticket of 130 soles (US$ 35) of 10 days pass, which allows you to visit 16 sites in Cusco province like Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Chinchero, Tipon, Pikillacta, the Pachacutec monument, the “Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo” meaning “Cusco’s center of native art”, Qoricancha museum (still closed due to pandemic), Art Popular museum, Contemporary Art museum, Regional Historic museum, so also valid for other day tours like Cusco city tour, 1day; Sacred Valley tour, 1 day; Salt mines, Moray tour, 1 day; Cusco South Valley tour, 1 day; etc. You can buy this both tickets at any inca site you go first.

– 10 soles (US$ 3) for Salt mines ticket.

– Bottled water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, a beanie, warm gloves, rain jacket or rain poncho during the rainy season from October through middle April.

 – Clothing, temperatures could varies from 5 °C to 28 °C.

Salt mines, Moray, Sacred Valley tour, 1 day booking:
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